At RPG, we firmly believe that in an increasingly globalized world with financial and natural resources becoming scarcer and more expensive, efficiency and productivity are the key for business success. This is why RPG is obsessed with efficiency, with the ultimate purpose of ensuring added value to our clients.

  • Regulation 95% 95%
  • Performance evaluation 90% 90%
  • Public Procurement 95% 95%
  • Water, Sanitation and Waste 95% 95%
  • Transports 85% 85%
  • Formation 95% 95%



We believe that improvement is only possible through oriented and continuous learning. On the other hand, learning implies the recognition of our own weaknesses and it is more successful if we are not tempted to reinvent the wheel but try to learn with others.

“The path is made by walking.” So said the Spanish poet Antonio Machado and at RPG we also believe that the path to improvement and success is made step by step, stage by stage. This path is necessarily different for each person, organization or company and each step should be taken with realism. Aware of this diversity, RPG does not provide generic or undifferentiated solutions, but tries to keep track of its clients and adapt solutions to their specificities and context.

As long as the way may be, every step should help us get closer to the goals we want to achieve. We believe, therefore, that all activity must be oriented towards goals and overall results. We know that all action is triggered by stimuli and we strive to find solutions that convey the right stimuli to move towards those global goals.

“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.”, Galileu Galilei