RPG Consulting

Efficiency and innovation are the key to business success. RPG provides services to public or private clients and operates at strategic, management or production levels.

Improvement is only possible

Through continuous and directed learning. Learning also presupposes the recognition of our own weaknesses.

RPG Consulting – Strategy, Management & Training


Support in the Definition and Implementation of Policies and Strategies. Design of Regulatory Models. Drafting and Review of Regulatory Regulation.
Performance evaluation

Performance evaluation

Design, Planning, Implementation and Monitoring of Performance Evaluation Systems. Development of Performance Indicator Manuals.

Public Procurement

Public Procurement

Conception, Contractualization and Management of Concessions and Public-Private Partnerships. Preparation, Evaluation and Conduction of Tendering Processes.

Water, Sanitation and Waste

Wastewater and Other Utilities

Strategic Plans and Studies. Operating Plans and Service Regulations. Investment plans. Technical Assistance in the areas of Transport and Energy. Renewable energy. RPG Provides Services to Public or Private Customers and Operates at Strategic and Management Level.


Tariffs and Financial Consulting

Development of Tariff Studies. Preparation of Business Models and Base Cases. Due diligence. Asset Valuation. Support in processes of Economic and Financial Rebalancing of Concessions and Infrastructure PPPs.



Training Courses, Lectures and Workshops on Regulation, Performance Evaluation, Benchmarking, Public-Private Concessions / Partners, Utilities and Transportation.